DaeCoat™ Coatings which provide temporary and permanent coverage to a wide range of susbstrates. Materials include hydrophobic and hydrophilic systems which protect against abrasion, chemicals, and thermal exposure. For temporary coatings, water, pH, and solvent driven washing occurs.

These products are utilized in applications involving: Washable Coatings, Safe and Reliable Cleaning.

DaeCoat™ Adhesives and ancillary materials used in bonding two substrates or components to a substrate. Such items exhibit chemical and thermal resistance sufficient to support a process yet be easily removed during de-bonding and cleaning.

These products area utilized in applications involving:  3DIC and Flexible Display Temporary Support.

DaeClean™ Cleaners are used to remove a wide range of materials from polymers, particles, or a combination. All manufactured products must meet some criteria of cleanliness. Getting there is simple and cost effective when you use great products. Silicones, epoxies, photoresists, and their process-damaged condition are removed with solvent or aqueous chemistries.

These products are utilized in applications involving: DaeCoat Removal, Safe and Reliable Cleaning.